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In 2013, my whole idea of existence was shattered when my Mom shot herself in the midst of a depression. I was living a pretty standard life before that point, following the generic human path - college, job, marriage, kid, house, dog….but tragedy begets transformation. A sequence of synchronicities started occurring in my life. My Mom started sending me signs of her continued existence in the form of ladybugs, songs and all sorts of other things (inspiring the ladybug in the Gift Good Vibes logo!). Previously, I was undecided about there being an afterlife; but my Mom's signs showed me that existence does not end with death. I realized that the most significant part of life is not physical, but is actually based in the energetic realm. Our energetic fingerprint, or vibration, is something that we can cultivate and improve.

For several years, I became an avid student of all things spiritual and energetic. I made numerous changes in my life to improve my “vibe”, switching to natural products, eating organic as much as possible, communing with nature, engaging in meditation, positive affirmations and gratitude, getting certified in Reiki and exploring all sorts of energetic healing modalities. I had started meeting with a medium once a year; and in one of the medium sessions, I asked her what I should focus on that year. She said she saw me creating some sort of kit that I would sell. I told her I had no such plans and had no idea what she was talking about! Well, spirit knew what was coming of course. One day I had a mini-flu and I started doing vibe raising activities to help heal from the illness...aromatherapy, grounding in nature, sage smudging, herbal tea, dead sea salt bath, and then I settled in for some meditation. In the middle of my meditation the idea arrived to create a “Good Vibes” gift box. The kit would contain vibe raising products and a guide for the person receiving the gift to help them understand what is really meant when we say sending you “good vibes!”

Here I am with my Momma - the beautiful soul who showed me what life was really about one ladybug at a time. I am so grateful she was at my wedding and got to meet my daughter. This was photo 2 years before she passed.