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Wisdom via Sandwich Board

When Gift Good Vibes was just a spec out there in the energetic ether, I was already looking for ways to spread good vibes, positivity and personal reflection. First, I started writing thoughtful quotes and nice messages on postcards and placing them on car windshields. After a while, I realized that was quite laborious and I needed to find a way to reach more people. Synchronicity struck of course, and on facebook I saw someone who was selling a small used "sandwich board", as my husband affectionately calls it.

The sandwich board's first gift was one to me. The thing I liked least about my house is the busy road at the back end of our property. But now, that road transformed into a tremendous opportunity to reach tons of people with my sign message :-). The sign was already working its positivity magic on me.

Now 2 years later, I have collected a mound of quotes for my sign, had people leave notes on the board thanking me for the sign messages, others stopped by while I was changing it and told me they love seeing the sign everyday, and I've had neighbors text me about messages they particularly liked. I was recently at the dentist and mentioned to them I was the person behind the sign, and was totally floored when several employees there recited the current message from memory!

As the sandwich board cruises past its two year anniversary, I thought I'd share the vast collection of quotes I have amassed. Some of them were too long for the board, so I'm excited to have a place to display them. I will post several quote lists since there are too many to take in at once!

I do not indicate the person who supposedly said the quote, because half of the time the internet is wrong, and because wisdom is something that belongs to everyone and comes from a place where there is no separation between us. Which leads me to my favorite quote, and one makes me tear up every time I read it:

They asked Ramana Maharshi: “How are we to treat others?”
He answered: “There are no others”


Enjoy perusing the quotes!

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  • Hi, I’m a neighbor. I drive by your sign every morning on my way to work. There have been many times when your message was exactly what I needed to see. Thank you for this gift.

    Megan Goodwin
  • Love that board. I always wondered who was responsible. Thank you!!!


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